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apple developer:Insurer Lu0026G calls for action to lower emissions from British buildings


LONDON - Legal & General <LGEN.L> called on Friday for the British government to introduce tighter building regulations to reduce carbon emissions in order to reach its net zero target by 2050. Britain said this week it would spend 3 billion pounds ($3.8 billion) on improving the energy efficiency of homes and public buildings, as part of a 30 billion pound package to head off an unemployment crisis. Investors globally have become increasingly vocal in pushing for changes in the way countries and companies respond to the risks of climate change. L&G, a major investor in real estate and infrastructure and one of Britain's largest insurers, set out its proposals in an open letter to the government. The insurer said that Britain should restore net zero carbon standards for new homes, legislate to improve transparency on how much energy is used by commercial buildings, and incentivise businesses to reach net zero targets through renewable energy, "Whilst government may be focused on its,

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