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high quality apple developer account:Twitch Prime July 2020: Get A Dozen-Plus Games With Amazon Prime


Amazon Prime members have another round of free games to claim in July 2020 via Twitch Prime. Twitch Prime comes with every Amazon Prime subscription, so if you're paying for fast and free shipping from Amazon, you should also be snagging free PC games every month.Five more games are free to claim throughout July: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, Dear Esther, Grip: Combat Racing, Kunai, and Dark Devotion. To claim them, you simply need to link your Twitch account to your Amazon Prime account.Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is a classic first-person shooter that originally released on Nintendo 64 in 1998. While it's certainly dated now, Turok 2 was a beloved FPS of the era, so you may be interested in checking out a relic from the past.Grip: Combat Racing is a fast-paced combat racer that takes cues from Wipeout and Star Wars podracing games. It features 30 unique vehicles and 29 tracks scattered across four locales. In Kunai, you play as a sentient tablet with ninja skills who embarks on platforming quest to stop an evil A.I.Dark Devotion is also a side-scroller, but, as the name suggests, it's quite a bit darker. A cross between roguelikes and Metroidvanias, Dark Devotion is a challenging action game with a gorgeous art style. And in Dear Esther, you explore a deserted island while listening to letters written by a widower.The July freebies join the classic SNK games that are up for grabs until the end of year. More than 20 SNK games will eventually be free on Twitch Prime, but as of right now you can grab seven, including Fatal Fury Special, The King of Fighters 2000, and Pulstar. There are also a few bonus freebies from June that will be available into July, including Dream Daddy, PictoQuest, Mad Tracks, and Reus.In addition to free games, Twitch Prime members also get free loot for a wide variety of games. In July, new loot drops are arriving for games such as Apex Legends, Black Desert Online, and Legends of Runeterra.You can see the full Twitch Prime schedule for July below. If you're not an Amazon Prime subscriber and are interested in signing up, an annual membership costs $119/year, or you can go month-by-month for $13. New Prime members can take advantage of a 30-day free trial, too. See free games and loot at Twitch Prime July 2020 free Twitch Prime gamesAvailable from July 1 to July 31 unless otherwise statedTurok 2: Bad SeedDark DevotionKunaiGrip: Combat RacingDear EstherMelbits WorldMad Tracks - ends July 17Reus - ends July 24VaneFree SNK games with Twitch PrimeAvailable through December 31Art of Fighting 2Blazing StarFatal Fury SpecialPulstarSamurai Shodown II.The King of Fighters 2000The King of Fighters 2002Free in-game loot for JulyAvailable now - Mafia CityAvailable now - Words with Friends 2Available now - Black Desert MobileAvailable now - The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand CrossAvailable now - Yahtzee with BuddiesAvailable now - Apex LegendsAvailable now - Big FarmAvailable now - RuneScapeJuly 29 - Legends of Runeterra Best Deals This Week Get $174 Worth Of Steam Games For $15 In New Bundle PlayStation Store Kicks Off Huge July PS4 Games Sale PS5 Pre-Order Guide: Amazon Placeholder Page Goes Live Here's Where You Can Get A Nintendo Switch Lite All The Free Game Promotions You Can Claim On PS4, Xbox One, PC, And More Best Budget Monitors Under $200 - Cheap Monitors For Working From Home

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