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ios developer account:New Star Wars Squadrons Details Revealed: Classes, Mechanics, And More


With Star Wars: Squadrons slated to arrive on October 2 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, EA and Motive Studios have outlined some new details about the first-person aerial dogfighter.Publisher EA shared a lengthy post that goes into extensive detail about what you can expect in Squadrons, from the classes available at your disposal to how power management works and more.Classes And Available StarfightersThere are eight starfighters available to choose from in Squadrons, all of which fit into four classes--Fighter, Bomber, Interceptor, and Support--with two ships in each. Though each one has its own idiosyncrasies, from functionality (equipment available to use) to handling, there are some basic features they all share. This means if you become an expert pilot with one ship, you'll have knowledge of how the other ships will control. The eight available starfighters are outlined below:T-65B X-Wing starfighterBTL-A4 Y-Wing assault starfighter/bomberRZ-1 A-Wing interceptorUT-60D U-Wing starfighter/support craftTIE/ln Starfighter (,

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