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buy apple account:Platts Market Insight: Pandemic inadvertently helps OPEC win market share battle


The Paris-based International Energy Agency in its July monthly oil report, revised upward its estimates for the call on OPEC's crude this year to 24.2 million b/d. In 2021, the IEA estimates demand for OPEC's crude will average 28.7 million b/d. COVID-19 continues to take an economic and emotional toll globally, but what it has also done is inadvertently helped OPEC finally win its long-drawn battle for oil market share and influence.OPEC began losing market share in 2016 with the rise of US shale and a lifting of an export ban on US crude in December 2015, and has since been playing tug of war between balancing supply-demand and reclaiming market share. {{item.header}} {{item.description}} {{item.buttonleft}} {{item.buttonleft}} {{item.buttonright}} if you have a subscription {{item.buttonright}} if you have a subscription

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