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buy apple developer account:Coronavirus update: Andrea Bocelli reveals he wilfully flouted lockdown after having coronavirus


Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, who had COVID-19, said the pandemic lockdown made him feel "humiliated".(Reuters: Flavio Lo Scalzo)ShareFacebookTwitterArticle share optionsShare this onFacebookTwitterLinkedInSend this byEmailMessengerCopy linkWhatsAppPrint contentPrint with images and other mediaPrint text onlyPrintCancelFamed Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli has revealed he was offended by lockdown restrictions imposed by the Italian Government during the height of the country's COVID-19 outbreak, and did not comply with the rules after testing positive to the virus.Meanwhile in China, the head of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention says he has been given a shot of a trial vaccine in a bid to inspire the general public to get vaccinated against COVID-19 when one becomes available.?This was last updated 1:00am on Wednesday.Wednesday's key moments:Andrea Bocelli broke Italy's coronavirus restrictions after testing positiveHead of Chinese CDC injected with experimental vaccineWHO says COVID-19 pandemic is 'one big wave'Real Madrid forward Mariano Diaz tested positive for COVID-19Andrea Bocelli reveals he broke Italy's coronavirus restrictionsLoading...Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli said the pandemic lockdown made him feel "humiliated and offended" by depriving him of his freedom to come and go as he wanted.Bocelli made his comments while speaking at a Senate conference and said he resented not being able to leave his home even though he "committed no crime" and revealed, without providing details, that he violated Italian lockdown restrictions during the height of the pandemic there.The singer was introduced to the conference by right-wing opposition leader Matteo Salvini, who has railed against the Government's stringent measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak.Bocelli told the conference that at first his children told him to be careful about the virus when he first started having doubts about its severity."As time passed, I know lots of people, but I didn't know anyone who went into intensive care," he said.In May, Bocelli announced that he had recovered from the virus, just weeks after his Easter Sunday performance in Milan's empty cathedral.Bocelli said that when he learned on March 10 that he had tested positive, just as the nation was going into lockdown."I jumped into the pool, I felt well," he said, adding that he only a slight fever. He apparently was referring to a private pool at his residence, as public gym pools were closed by then.At the height of lockdown, Italians could only leave home to go to essential jobs, walk dogs or buy food or medicine.Health Ministry Undersecretary Pierpaolo Sileri said perhaps Mr Bocelli "wanted to express the inconvenience of every Italian who, because of lockdown, stayed home.""I wouldn't have said those words, but I imagine he'll be able to explain it somehow," Mr Sileri said.The conference was held on the eve of Premier Giuseppe Conte's appearance in the Senate, where he was expected to lay out his Government's case for extending a state of emergency for the pandemic, which expires on July 31.Head of Chinese CDC injected with experimental vaccine Mr Gao did not say which experimental vaccine he had been injected with.(AP: Mark Schiefelbein)The head of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said he has been injected with an experimental coronavirus vaccine in an attempt to persuade the public to follow suit when one is approved."I'm going to reveal something undercover: I am injected with one of the vaccines," Gao Fu said.Mr Gao did not say when or how he took the vaccine candidate, leaving it unclear whether he was injected as part of a government-approved human trial.Mr Gao said he took the injection to instil public confidence in vaccines, especially amid a tide of rising mistrust that has fuelled conspiracy theories and attacks on scientists."Everybody has suspicions about the new coronavirus vaccine," Mr Gao said."As a scientist, you've got to be brave.,

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