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Since the COVID-19 virus was classified as a pandemic in March, many people have been spending much more time inside, and non-essential businesses such as gyms have been closed in many areas. Interest in not only the Nintendo Switch, but its premier fitness game, Ring Fit Adventure, has skyrocketed, leading both the console and the game to sell out everywhere. Because Ring Fit Adventure comes with physical equipment--a pilates ring and a leg strap--you can only buy it physically, and the bundle sells for $80. If you've been looking for a workout game that can help you stay active inside, Ring Fit Adventure is one of the best options there is, and listings for the game tend to sell out pretty quickly. With that in mind, here's where you can grab it right now. See Ring Fit Adventure at GameStop See Ring Fit Adventure at TargetRing Fit Adventure is essentially an RPG about exercising, and it's way more fun than that sounds. In the game, you meet a magic being called Ring, which corresponds to the real-life pilates ring you use to perform moves. Your nameless character teams up with Ring to hunt down an evil workout-obsessed dragon called Dragaux, who is causing monsters to appear across the land and brainwashing its citizens. Each world you visit will have around five to 10 different stages to complete, with a variety of side quests and mini-games available as well; the last battle in each world pits you against Dragaux himself.The gameplay involves jogging through lush landscapes and battling monsters by performing various exercises, most of which require using the ring in some way. In-game, Ring will coach you on posture and encourage you through each match, and you'll eventually unlock type match-ups--some moves will be more effective against monsters of a certain color. Ring Fit Adventure also introduces a skill tree once you get to a certain point in the story, and you'll also customize your character's outfit to boost your attack and defense. Smoothies, the items you can craft to boost things like HP and attack power, also play a crucial role in battles, meaning the difference between defeat and victory in some particularly grueling fights.Ring Fit Adventure is one of the best fitness games we've played, but it's certainly not your only option. If you're unable to get your hands on Ring Fit Adventure or just want something a little less expensive, Fitness Boxing and Just Dance will both make you sweat, and they're available on Nintendo Switch.You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. Click To Unmute Nintendo Switch's Ring Fit Is A Serious WorkoutTop New Video Game Releases On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Month -- August 2020Avengers Beta Hands-On Impressions: Combat, Characters, And TeamworkCall Of Duty Season 5: Everything You Need To KnowWindbound - First 30 Minutes Of Gameplay30 Game Series We Want To Play On Xbox Series XNext PS5 Event, Baldur's Gate 3 Delay, & Game Pass xCloud Date | Save StateGrounded Early Access Video ReviewNetflix's The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review: Weird And WonderfulSpider-Man In Marvel's Avengers, PS4 Controllers On PS5, & A New Xbox Store | Save StateHow Nintendo,

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