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buy apple developer account:Coronavirus can remain in the air for more than one hour, warns UK expert


Tweet Facebook Mail Coronavirus can survive in the air for more than an hour, a top UK Government scientific adviser has warned.Professor Wendy Barclay, a virologist on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, said COVID-19 could remain active even in tiny particles held in the atmosphere.Her comments follow warnings from other experts since the start of the pandemic that the virus may be able to exist on ultra-light particles called aerosols, which can float for long periods.READ MORE: Experts warn urge WHO to recognise airborne germs threatCOVID-19 particles could remain active in the air for more than one hour, a UK government scientific adviser warns. (AAP)"What we know is that viruses can be expelled into the air from infected people in very small droplets and sometimes even in droplets that are so small we call them aerosols and these aerosols can remain suspended in the air and can travel some distance away from the person who's breathed them out," Professor Barclay told the BBC.Should face masks be compulsory in Victoria?YES28544NO7460"We do know that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID, can remain viable, can remain infectious, in these very small droplets so that raises the possibility and indeed the likelihood that COVID can be transmitted through these small particles that can travel through the air."Professor Barclay said laboratory studies showed coronavirus could remain infectious in the air for more than an hour.RelatedCOVIDSafe tracing app labelled a '$2 million failure'Breaking News and Live Updates: ADF and masks sent to Victoria; Casino patron tests positive; 177 new COVID-19 cases in Victoria; Coronavirus cases linked to Sydney pub risesCoronavirus: Kmart worker at major Melbourne shopping centre tests positive to COVID-19She added that to avoid spreading the virus in a room air must be replenished rather than recirculated like some air conditioning systems do.READ MORE: Face masks not required in VictoriaPubs in England reopened this month. There is growing scientific evidence that coronavirus can be spread by small particles through the air in crowded indoor settings. (Getty)Last week the World Health Organisation changed its stance on so-called 'aerosol' particles when it acknowledged they could be a path for transmission.The WHO said airborne transmission could occur in crowded, closed or poorly ventilated environments.

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