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Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin earlier this evening made a rather generous offer to consolidate support from MPs from across the divide for his premiership.

However, most opposition parties and MPs who have responded to the announcement so far seemed to be unmoved by the offer, which has been regarded as a last-ditch attempt at saving Muhyiddin's position.

They include big players such as PKR, Amanah and Parti Pejuang Tanah Air (Pejuang) whose leaders have openly said that they would not accept Muhyiddin's olive branch, and called for him to step down.

PKR communications director Fahmi Fadzil

Fahmi Fadzil, PKR communications director:

I was really taken aback when a prime minister openly admitted that he has lost his majority during a live telecast.

The matter of making an offer or any other thing does not arise anymore. What needs to be done now is to follow the Federal Constitution, which Article 43(4) stated that when a prime minister loses his majority, then there are only two options - either he resigns, or he advises the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to dissolve Parliament.

What Muhyiddin tried to do this evening was opting for a third choice, which is unconstitutional.

And secondly, borrowing what Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker had said, this is a dollar short a day late. It is already too late for him.

Muhyiddin is desperate, and he is also in no position to make all these offers, which were already our ideas.

On the issue of Undi18, we passed that in 2019. It was his administration that delayed the execution. And so is the proposal to limit a prime minister to only two terms, it's our idea. It stopped because of the Sheraton Move, of which he is the prime beneficiary.

So, he has the gall to offer us so-called scraps. To me, fundamentally from the point of view of the Constitution, this could be ultra vires, beyond his powers, whatever he has (left).

I don't think he is in a position to make any offers or to remain as prime minister. I think he has to tender his resignation tonight.

Pejuang president Mukhriz Mahathir

Mukhriz Mahathir, Pejuang president:

Where in the Federal Constitution does it say that a prime minister who has lost the majority cannot resign until another MP with a majority is identified? Article 43(4) states a prime minister who ceases to have the confidence of a majority of MPs shall tender the resignation of the cabinet.

Did Muhyiddin just gaslight us just now? Did I hear him offer us a bribe to support him and his minority government? Did he offer to stay on as prime minister and will remain incumbent prime minister when the 15th general election happens in July 2022? Are we stupid or what?

Anti-party hopping law? Hello! Your government exists due to those 'frogs' including you Muhyiddin! Undi18? It’s already gotten two-thirds votes in Parliament. Just execute it.


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