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ON March 25 this year, PAS president and Malaysia’s special envoy to the Middle East, Abdul Hadi Awang, posted a statement on Facebook and published an editorial in the Harakahdaily, the PAS mouthpiece, supporting the Taliban regime in  Afghanistan.

According to Hadi, the Taliban has changed for the  better and we must not believe its negative portrayal by the Western  media.

His statement received extensive coverage in the international press.  

This matter is of grave concern as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet clearly stated Malaysia’s position on the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

Hadi’s statement impacts how the international community views  Malaysia, an exemplary Islamic democratic nation, and our people.

It may also  encourage the potential resurgence of the Jemaah Islamiyah, ISIS and Al-Qaeda-affiliated organisations in Southeast Asia. 

The reality is that the situation in Afghanistan is delicate and fragile. The Taliban takeover happened in a matter of weeks and a major humanitarian crisis is looming.

Mass exodus, internal displacement and human rights violations are not Western propaganda but are very much part of the reality in Afghanistan. 

Therefore, any statement or argument in support of the Taliban must be made in the context of the political security situation in Afghanistan and not based on rhetoric.

The Taliban has promised to respect women’s rights and to have an  inclusive government.

Yet Afghan women are not even allowed to leave their homes at the moment for security reasons.

The Taliban has admitted that most of its people are not used to dealing with women; indeed, some have never even talked to women.

The Taliban must follow through with its promises as its every action will be scrutinised by the international community. 

The language used by the Taliban is not of reform and moderating their extreme views but rather an acknowledgement of the mistakes they had made.

The Taliban  recognises that it needs the support of the international community if it is to  govern Afghanistan successfully and develop diplomatic relations with other  countries.

The Taliban, however, has an extremely poor track record. As such, it needs to prove their commitment to fulfil its promises. 

The examples and events stated in Hadi’s statement about the  teachings of Hanafi and other Islamic scholars have no relation to the present  context of the Taliban.

These examples cannot be used to reflect the Taliban’s  behaviour and policies when there have been years of credible reporting from international news outlets, human rights organisations and non-governmental  organisations about the Taliban’s criminal actions of human trafficking, sectarian  violence, degrading treatment of women and children, widespread torture and  ethnic cleansing.


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