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PRAI: MSM Malaysia Holdings Bhd’s wholly-owned subsidiary, MSM Prai Bhd (MSM Prai) has signed a certificate of collaboration (COC) with Penang Environment Department (DOE) enabling green initiative in preserving and conserving the environment.

In a statement, MSM said the COC was signed by MSM Group chief executive officer Syed Feizal Syed Mohammad while Penang DOE was represented by their director, Sharifah Zakiah Syed Sahab.

“MSM has stepped up the initiative involving a strategic collaboration between Penang DOE and Penang Inshore Fisherman Welfare Association (PIFWA) with the launching of mangrove tree planting program.

“Mangrove tree planting is an effective nature-friendly approach with benefits in the conservation of a wide ecosystem including protecting water quality, stabilising river banks, fostering fish habitat and a contributor to climate change mitigation,” it said.

Throughout the program, a total of 700 mangrove saplings will be planted alongside MSM Prai refinery and helping improve the surrounding scenic landscape.

Syed Feizal said its refining operations in MSM Prai is located nearby the coastal area to which the water from the river is used for cooling purposes.

“The dense network of roots from the mangrove trees and surrounding vegetation act as a natural barrier that traps and filters sediments, heavy metals and other pollutants from entering the injection of water pump at the refinery which is essential in maintaining the water quality.

“At the same time, the mangrove trees also reduce the foaming formation though harmless at the discharge outlet of the refinery,” he said.

He added that there would be proper monitoring on the health and growth of the planted mangrove trees to ensure the long-term viability and sustainable value of the program.

“The strategic collaboration is part of the MSM sustainability programme as a step-up of an environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework,” Syed Feizal said.



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