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WINNING isn’t everything; it’s the only thing. If you subscribe to this, would you do no matter whatever it takes to win? It seems this is the norm now. Winner takes all.

Total devotion to winning in the world of sports is acceptable but what about in business and politics? Does it serve the wellbeing of the company and the country?

The World Bank estimated that globally more than US$1 trillion (RM4 trillion) annually goes to corrupt government officials. Simply put, corruption is dishonesty in those in positions of power who give or take bribes, practise double-dealing, manipulate elections, divert funds, launder money and defraud investors.

Corruption doesn’t announce itself with a capital C but it appears to be both systemic and systematic. It is closely linked to the way governments conduct their affairs and cannot be reduced without reformation. It is a symptom of bad governance especially when the bureaucracy has grow too large and unwieldy.

It is detrimental to the economy and bad  the poor.

On the supply side, it prevails because people often pay bribes under duress. Example, it makes a difference between waiting years or a short period for a permit or license. This is regressive against the poor and ‘not-connected’ because of lack of political support. 

More often, accounts of corrupt officials tend to be in banks in stable and developed countries or tax havens.

Corruption usually affects a few people directly but the effect on general integrity is contagious and multiplies. The harm caused to both individuals and society as a whole is damaging. 

The consequences include bad reputations, trust deficit, inefficient allocation of resources, undermined democracy, reduced accountability, bad representation in parliament and disrgard for the rule of law. Left unchecked it can boost criminal activities and organised crime.

Valuable resources will be needed to repair the damage and other critical areas will be deprived of the resources. As a result, inefficiencies occur and the damage to reputation is immense.

Corruption may be reduced with education, accountability mechanisms, a culture that fosters strong ethical behavior - honesty and integrity and leading by example. Also, perpetrators to face maximum penalty. 

It requires transparency to keep governments accountable. Too many secrets keep corrupt practices under wraps.

Another area is to create stronger institutions of governance and regulation. In this context, it is the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and it has five external oversight bodies as a check and balance to monitor its roles and functions. The question here, is it really effective or an overkill?

Ordinary citizens may not know much and often journalists have ‘insider’ information. Investigative journalism with fair amount of transparency could raise concerns and provide a check and balance too. We can learn from Indonesia about free media.


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