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THE Selangor government is offering help in terms of economic, social and legal aspects to financially-troubled joint management bodies (JMB) in the administration and management of their properties.

“In terms of economic aspects, the state government introduced several programmes to improve JMBs’ financial resources, especially for low- and middle-cost apartments,” state local government, public transportation and new village development committee chairman Ng Sze Han told the state assembly on Monday (Dec 6).

“These include the Laman Hijau Strata community garden, K Inovasi recycling centre and Mobilisasi Ekonomi Komuniti Bandar Negeri Selangor (Mekar) programme.

“These economic empowerment programmes have helped JMBs generate some income to cover maintenance costs of their apartments,” he said.

For example, Laman Hijau Strata leads to the sale of agricultural produce while K Inovasi offers coupons to participants that can be used to offset their payment charges.

“The eCOB (Commissioner of Buildings) digital system was established to help JMBs submit financial reports and manage their properties' finances.

“This helps a JMB determine what type of expenses should be prioritised,” said Ng, adding that COBs of local councils also monitor the eCOB system.

Ng was replying on behalf of housing, urban wellbeing and entrepreneur development committee chairman Rodziah Ismail to Mohd Sany Hamzan’s (PH-Taman Templer) question on assistance provided to financially-troubled JMBs.

“As for the social aspects, emphasis is placed on efforts to strengthen a JMB’s role through training and leadership courses,” he said.

“For example, the Pemantapan Pengurusan Bangunan dan Kediaman Berstrata (C-Smart) course focuses on strengthening JMBs' financial management, administration and maintenance.

“For JMBs facing financial problems in repairing property damage, the Selangor government has the Ceria refurbishment programme and Seroja 2.0 aid to install CCTVs and mosquito traps,” he added.

Ng said JMBs, management corporations (MC) and management agents appointed by the COB are empowered under the Strata Management Act 2013 (Act 757) to collect maintenance fees and could resort to legal measures to collect payment owed.

“They could file a suit or claims in court or with the Strata Management Tribunal. They could also implement seizure of property by conducting a joint operation with the local council for the necessary enforcement action,” he said.



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