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Mobile banking has increasingly become an inseparable part of our daily lives.

THE Covid-19 pandemic has led to changes across all areas of life, from social interaction to how daily banking is conducted.

Consumer demand is moving towards having real-time direct control over their wealth, with access to a wide variety of banking services available at their fingertips and in the comfort of their own homes.

Beyond that, with wealth management becoming a bigger priority for a large segment of customers today in the interests of growing their wealth, customers also expect a diverse range of investment portfolios that they can choose digitally.

To meet these needs, banks have been investing heavily in improving the digital banking experience. Among them is CIMB Clicks, the versatile all-in-one banking platform that is familiar to a large number of Malaysians, where users can conveniently perform their daily banking needs with ease and access CIMB banking products.

CIMB has been augmenting CIMB Clicks on three fronts – stability and security, user experience as well as functionalities to ease daily banking and meet the rising needs.

Here are a few new things you should know:

Higher foreign transfer limit up to RM50,000 and wider transfer purpose

Need to pay for children’s school fees or pay for properties overseas?

Foreign fund transfer can be a daunting task, where security and high charges are often top of mind for customers.

CIMB Clicks users can now reap the rewards of special foreign exchange (FX) rates, with CIMB’s live FX rates and transfer up to RM50,000 daily to more than 200 countries, 25 currencies in a hassle-free and secured manner via CIMB Clicks web/app. The new enhancement also enables a wider range of transfer purposes, apart from direct family and educational purposes, to suit various transfer needs.

Exclusive for CIMB Preferred banking customers, they can enjoy a fee waiver at every foreign transfer transaction via CIMB Clicks. They can also subscribe to be notified through CIMB Clicks on promotions, special cashback campaigns, FX rates and more, to take control of maximising their foreign fund transfers.

Buy and sell e-gold in the comfort of your own home

E-gold investment is one popular investment option among Malaysians that allows customers to invest in gold without the hassle of keeping the physical gold. Choosing a reliable platform, however, is key.

With CIMB Clicks, users can buy or sell e-gold from as low as one gram directly from CIMB Clicks without having to navigate between different platforms and also get notified of daily gold market rate through email subscription alerts.


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