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In its 2022 global asset allocation view, RHB Investment Bank says the group maintains its “overweight” stance on equities, “market weight” on fixed income, and “underweight” on cash.

EQUITIES remain a favoured asset class among global fund managers for 2022 in anticipation of higher inflation, low real yields and relatively stronger growth.

Fixed-income investments, on the other hand, are viewed cautiously by most amid a challenging backdrop.

In its 2022 global asset allocation view, RHB Investment Bank says the group maintains its “overweight” stance on equities, “market weight” on fixed income, and “underweight” on cash.

In global equities, the investment bank maintains the United States as its top investment destination; it expects emerging markets to continue to underperform the US in the year ahead.

“In the US market, we continue to favour large-cap growth over value. In Asia, our top investment idea is reducing exposure to China on any rally and use these funds to allocate to Indian equities,” RHB Investment Bank notes in its report.

Reopening boost

The macro backdrop is positive on equities, according to BlackRock Investment Institute.

In its 2022 Global Outlook report, the global fund manager says it sees 2022 as heralding a new regime by delivering global stock gains and bond losses for a second year.

“We see another year of positive equity returns coupled with a down year for bonds. The powerful restart of economic activity will be delayed, but not derailed due to new virus strains, in our view,” BlackRock says.

“Central banks will start to raise rates but remain more tolerant of inflation. We see inflation settling above pre-Covid trends – we’re going to be living with inflation,” it adds.

BlackRock points out that while it favours equities over fixed income, it has dialled back its risk taking, given the wide range of potential outcomes in 2022.

“We prefer equities in the inflationary backdrop of the strong restart (of economic activity after a Covid-19-induced lockdown). We favour developed market (DM) stocks over emerging markets (EMs) as we dial down risk slightly amid rising risks to our base case,” it says.

“We are ‘underweight’ on DM government bonds – we see yields gradually heading higher but staying historically low. We prefer inflation-linked bonds, partly as portfolio diversifiers,” it adds.

Similarly for Credit Suisse, equities are favoured over fixed income.

“We foresee attractive returns from global equities in 2022, with earnings remaining the key driver. We expect equity segments that lagged the global recovery from the pandemic shock to emerge as bright spots alongside industries that benefit from secular growth trends,” the international fund manager says in its Investment Outlook 2022 report.


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