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PETALING JAYA: Banks are upping their game plan in the digital space to garner a stronger presence and gear up for competition with the entry of new players.

According to an analyst, the acceleration of the digital transformation in the banking sector is due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the emergence of new entrants in digital banking.

“The competition between incumbent banks and the new entrants will come in the form of product offerings, pricing, customer experience and innovation. Customers will have more choices in terms of products and services and will seek out those who are able to meet their needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner,” the analyst noted.

Bank Negara is expected to issue five digital banking licences in the first quarter of 2022. The central bank said it had received 29 applicants for a digital banking licence when the application period ended in June 2021.CLICK TO ENLARGE

In terms of the percentage of new consumers to digital services by geography, data from Google e-Conomy Report 2021 and Association of Banks Malaysia showed that Malaysia ranked highest in digital growth from non-metro areas in the region (see chart on page 1).

The country’s largest bank and South-East Asia’s fourth-largest bank by assets, Maybank, is beefing up its digital capabilities to enhance customer experience.

Maybank group president and chief executive officer (CEO) Datuk Seri Abdul Farid Alias tells StarBiz he anticipates that with the new digital entrants, it may change the competitive landscape for the banking industry. More importantly, he says it will allow everyone to participate in the digital economy.Farid: We are also committed to bringing the best experience to our individual and SME customers.

Maybank started mapping out its digital banking strategy in 2014 and all the new digital services in the market are a result of that strategy.

An analyst with a local bank-backed brokerage says Maybank’s five-year strategic plan will give ít an upper hand in terms of competition.

Farid said: “With the introduction of Maybank’s next five-year strategy, M25, this year, we have outlined three strategic priorities namely being pervasively digital, building new value drivers and embedding sustainability throughout the bank’s operations.

“Under the strategic priority of being pervasively digital, we will continue to sharpen our capabilities by focusing on digital offerings and solutions in an effort to enhance customer experience while operating in a highly digitised environment. We are also committed to bringing the best experience to our individual and small and medium enterprise (SME) customers.”


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