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MANY are still stunned by Wang Leehom’s multiple infidelities – extramarital affairs, friends with benefits and prostitution – that were exposed by the singer-songwriter’s ex-wife Lee Jinglei, who said influential pop stars can manipulate the media to easily influence public opinion.

Unfortunately, we can draw a parallel between this incident and the powerful politicians in Malaysia who also manipulate the media to divert attention from issues that will hold them accountable.

The media’s role in maintaining Wang’s hypocritical image

Wang debuted in 1995, and has amassed thousands of fans thanks to his charms, innovative music and image as a “high-quality idol” with scant scandals – an image built by him and his company.

Wang retained his abhorrent habit for years, as well as his “family man” image, as his company would cover up and crack down on news that uncover these habits, and share news of his events and talents instead. This is amplified by the media to mislead the public, maintaining his popularity.

What can Malaysians learn from this?

News and public images presented by the media can be manipulated. This is especially so in Malaysia, where we are faced with information and media suppression. Those in power can easily exploit oppressive laws, cybertroopers and bots to create biased comments, news or portals to spread pro-government propaganda or divert attention from important issues.

Due to the abovementioned issues, there exists an unhealthy media environment for opinion formation. Media can divert from or focus on racial and religious issues created by politicians, rather than beneficial and progressive issues.

Budget 2022 and the Timah controversy occurred at the same time. However, the media and public discussions are focused on the controversy instead of the budget. Why? Talks of Timah can bring about only the change of a brand name, but the budget is about the advancement of the economy, better education, job creations, etc.

It is also worth noting that the anger over three pages of Jawi in a textbook was greater than the anger towards the release of corrupt politicians and halal meat scandal. Why are the people angrier over textbook pages than politicians squandering millions or billions of ringgit or the corruption causing Muslims to unknowingly consume meat that infringes their right to practise their beliefs?

Why is such a distorted phenomenon happening in Malaysia? Because media is manipulated.

A Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) and Nottingham University research team, led by Tessa Houghton, concluded in its paper titled Malaysian Media, Watchdog or Runningdog that many influential media are ‘runningdogs’ than watchdogs.

The research focused on traditional media, but its observation is also seen in social media. In light of information disorder, media has unfortunately become a political tool to further politicians’ interests.


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