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KUALA LUMPUR: MyDIGITAL Corporation, which is tasked to deliver the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint, will continue to ensure the blueprint’s implementation this year with emphasis on public sector digitalisation efforts and nurturing digital talent.Chief executive officer Fabian Bigar said the corporation, also known as the Strategic Change Management Office (SCMO), will continue to work with various agencies and the private sector in order to realise the goals set out in the blueprint.He said it seeks their support in ensuring the blueprint does not remain just a document."Bringing MyDIGITAL to life is important and must be complemented with other efforts to bring Malaysia’s digital aspirations to fruition. We must be the leading digital economy in the region," he said in a statement today.Bigar said various agencies have been tasked with fulfilling various initiatives spelled out in the blueprint."The successful implementation of these initiatives will be a key component of the larger digital infrastructure of MyDIGITAL."Policymakers play a critical role in the development of this digital-first ecosystem. The private sector also has a role to play," he added.Bigar said efforts are being made to raise the resilience of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through the adoption of digital technology and helping entrepreneurs severely affected by the pandemic and who have lost their income."This includes accelerating the take-up (rate) of incentives, subsidies, or assistance programmes; and streamlining the various support measures available from the different ministries and agencies," he said.Bigar noted that digitalisation in all facets of life also increases the risk of digital divide. The lack of Internet access and smart devices would limit opportunities to the underprivileged groups to quality education, healthcare services, employment and other benefits."Thus, it is important that Malaysians embrace and adapt to digitalisation so that everyone will be able to enjoy an improved standard of living and prosperity, while effectively bridging the digital divide, in line with the country’s vision to be a digital nation," he said. - Bernama


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