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,THE inspector-general of police is correctly frustrated and angry that corrupt cops are punished with a mere slap on the wrist, which has no effect at all in stopping corruption.But how did the rot grow so bad? This is the question at the root and there seems to be no interest in getting to the bottom of it.Fifteen years ago a royal commission had proposed the setting up of an independent police complaints and misconduct commission (IPCMC). However the top police brass had mounted strong objections and the elected law makers had backed down.This was a victory for the corrupt members of the force.  It sent a strong message to the corrupt that they were being protected by their own bosses and that they had licence to carry on their corrupt activities.The top brass’ objections to the IPCMC encourage the corrupt as can be seen in the numerous arrests of police personnel, including some very senior ones, for various offences.This has had the opposite effect of “preserving the good name of the police” in which the objections to the IPCMC were grounded – in that the proposed set-up would be damaging to the image of the force as it gave the impression that the police were incapable of keeping its own backyard clean.       Now that the IGP has acknowledged the latter could be true, he should push for the setting up of the IPCMC without watering down the recommendations of the royal commission.It is pointless to cry over spilt milk.The government also has to discard its policy of not sacking its employees.You cannot have discipline without sending out a strong message that corrupt officers will be punished by the law, with jailing, whipping and sacking. And get the IPCMC set up. There’s no shame in it. On the contrary, it should be a matter of pride that the police have nothing to hide and are open to scrutiny by an independent body. – March 13, 2021.* Ravinder Singh reads The Malaysian Insight. * This is the opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insight.


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