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buy apple developer account :YOURSAY | Few Harapan supporters have forgotten Dr M’s treachery


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YOURSAY | ‘It was the nonagenarian’s ego had brought down Harapan.’

Mukhriz: Don't point finger at Dr M when PKR not blameless

P Mammen: Pejuang president Mukhriz Mahathir, you are defending Mahathir, that’s understandable. After all, he is your father, which son wouldn’t. Nevertheless, Mukhriz, the glaring truth cannot be overlooked.

Your father did set a precedent when he accepted defectors from Umno when he formed Bersatu. Subsequent renegades aka Sheraton turncoats emulated the same act which eventually toppled a government that was given the mandate to rule by the people. Hence, we are in this mess now.

Mahathir, too, was very much against implementing the anti-hopping law. It’s still fresh in my memory, reading his statement two years ago on this topic when he was the PM and in power, report courtesy of Malaysiakini.

“Putrajaya will not enact an anti-hopping law as elected representatives can freely switch parties in a democracy. We are a democratic government. We believe in democracy and democracy allows frogs to jump," he had said.

These are truths you cannot run away from, as much you want to deny them. Of course, it’s easier to blame the rest of the world for your father’s mistakes than admitting them.

KeyPoint: Listen, Mukhriz, your father disliking or hating PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, that's between them. He even lied to the foreign press about passing the baton to Anwar. Both of them can slug it out all they want.

But your father did destroy and dash the hopes of all the 14th general election (GE14) voters placed upon him for a better Malaysia as PM for the second time. The voters are his real victims.

All in your clan are rich and can nicely shake legs but the betrayed voters are now facing the consequences and suffering. Of course, you feel absolutely nothing about this.

Why was your father meeting with the Sheraton Move gang including opposition politicians like PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang and those Umno corruption-tainted ones in his home then? Has he got any ounce of integrity? Or you still don’t get it?

Iphonezours: Mukhriz, the fact that Mahathir resigned as PM and caused the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan government cannot be denied. He or anybody else can defend his resignation but Malaysians know the truth very well.

We are fed up with politicians who take the people’s votes for granted and then defect, those who play race and religious divisive politics to break up our society, politicians who abuse their authority, corruption and kleptocracy. Malaysians will vote all of them out.

Hbasil: Mukhriz is correct here because parliamentarians who left PKR for Bersatu did so because they are corrupted by power. Now the real question is why was this not recognised by Anwar, PKR’s Setiawangsa MP Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad and the rest?

Right from the start of PKR party elections, there were obvious signs of factionalism with PKR deputy leader Azmin Ali and former Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli camps. Anwar, being a weak leader, did not know how to address the problem and did nothing to bring the two camps together.


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