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choi baccarat( system to prevent repeat of RM3.8b govt project cartel - MP



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The government must restructure its project tendering system to close any loopholes which allowed those like the "project tender cartel" to mask their activities from the authorities, said Pulai MP Salahuddin Ayub.

He called for stricter checks after the MACC recently arrested seven syndicate members who monopolised 354 tenders worth RM3.8 billion from several ministries since 2014.

The cartel is believed to have used more than 150 companies to submit tenders or quotations to the ministries and agencies involved.

"The government has to review and restructure the existing system so that parties involved are legitimate and follow the rule of law.

"The weakness (in the system) allowed the cartel to 'trap' the price and use an alias to conceal themselves from the authorities," Salahuddin (above) said in a statement.

He added that there was a possibility certain government officers worked hand-in-glove to leak confidential information to the syndicate.

Senior officers could have intervened in the tender process to ensure that their friends secure the tender, he surmised.

"This is not impossible as many of the government tenders of high value were managed by senior officers," he said.

The Amanah deputy president added that these government officers, who have become syndicate members, risk jeopardising the government's security as they leak confidential information to outsiders.

"It's hard to imagine what would happen if this cartel had a network abroad which intended to exploit the government institution.

"As a consequence, the image of other trustworthy officers would be affected when the people look down on public officers," he said.



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